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Top List Thursdays – Top 10 F-Bomb movies

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Alright, alright settle the f*** down ya f***ing animals. Some of the best movies ever made have managed to turn the English language into a flowery bed of prose where every sentence is a carefully-constructed masterpiece. On the other hand, I’m easily f***ing bored by that pompous use of a language, and prefer having a film that is coarse enough in the euphemism department to make a sailor blush. Of course, merely uttering a stream of profanity isn’t enough. A movie has to use them just right, to make those curse words an organic part of the film that just makes sense in every way possible. Here’s ten great f***ing examples.

  • The Wolf Of Wall Street


We could pretty much fill this entire list with Martin Scorsese movies, as his flicks have pretty much turned profanity into a brand new filthy language, resulting in films that you don’t want to watch alongside your mother. Starring Leonardo Dicaprio, The Wolf Of Wall Street is a drug-fueled trip through excess, shady business practices and karma having its head kicked in outside of a dodgy nightclub. It’s also a movie with an unreal amount of profanity, and currently holds the world record for the most swear words ever uttered onscreen. Which means it says f*** almost as many times as that one night that I stubbed my toe outside a KFC.

F’s Given: 569

  • South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

south park bigger longer and uncut

Many films contain swearing, but none of them have used it as effectively as the South Park movie has. The best bit however? How the entire movie built up to that first bout of non-stop profanity about intimate relations with your uncle, as it hit you straight in the gut with a scene that was laugh-out loud ridiculous and over the top, going too far and then circling back to genius. There’ll never be a moment like that again in cinema, as South Park perfectly captured how it felt to lose your innocence when you first learnt how to curse.

F’s Given: 399

  • Scarface


HOKAY MANG! SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! The only thing that could outnumber Scarface when it came to language filthier than an Engen public toilet, were the mountains of cocaine that were present as Tony Montana snorted and shot his way to the top of the criminal underworld, one foul-mouthed expletive at a time.

F’s Given: 207

  • Goodfellas


Hey look at that, another Martin Scorsese film! Before he broke the swearing alphabet in The Wolf Of Wall Street, Scorsese was learning the f***s from the c***s with Goodfellas. With three lead actors, Scorsese had room for triple the swearing, although it was Joe Pesci who easily shouted out at least 90% of the expletives in this classic gangster movie.

F’s Given: 300

  • Summer Of Sam

Summer of Sam

If you’ve never seen Sumemr Of Sam, you just need to know that around two-thirds of the curse word budget was used to describe Adrien Brody’s hairstyle in this Spike Lee directed flick.

F’s Given: 435

  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay and Silent Bob STRIKE BACK

Jay and Silent Bob often get accused of being nothing more than a pair of foul-mouthed chuckle monkeys. But they’re our foul-mouthed chuckle monkeys dammit, and giving the heterosexual life partners a chance to rip Hollywood a new one, was totally worth it. It’s also the movie that is solely responsible for turning me into the expletive-heavy bastard that I am today. Thanks Kevin Smith!

F’s Given: 248

  • This Is The End


This Is The End doesn’t exactly have the most creative use of curse words, but it does have the most realistic utterances of them. After all, if you;re stuck in the apocalypse, forced to watch the righteous get sucked up to heaven while your former friend is turning Channing Tatum in Channing Yum while various demons possess and rape your pals, you’d also be swearing non-stop.

F’s Given: 200

  • Casino


Yes, it’s another Martin Scorsese flick, but you were f***ing warned. Many audiences thought that seeing Robert Deniro team back up with his Goodfellas co-star Joe Pesci in a  movie that examined the golden age of Las Vegas would be a classy picture where civilised men could hash out gambling problems without needing to raise their voice. All of those people were quite f***ing wrong, as the only movie that could possibly top asino in terms of sheercurse word volume would be Scorsese’ s The Wolf Of Wall Street, nearly two decades later.

F’s Given: 422

  • Jarhead


War is hell man! Boring, tedious, repetitive f***ing hell! Stuck in a war that is going nowhere, Jake Gyllenhall quickly finds himself battling anything but the enemy he was sent to face, as the Gulf War stalls to a standstill and his fellow enlisted troopers get up to all manner of filthy shenanigans in order to keep what little sanity they have preserved.

F’s Given: 278

  • The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski

Man, you could say that The Big Lebowski is the kind of film that is filled with stoner and slacker lingo, but that’s like, your f***ing opinion man. At least this films goes really well with that f***ing rug. Man.

F’s Given: 260

Last Updated: February 5, 2015

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