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This trailer for THE CROWN must win… must always win

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The Queen of England has been a popular figure in both big and small screen adaptations. Whether it be Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth, any portrayal of a queen of England has not only been widely popular, but also often met with the most critical acclaim. Many actresses playing one of the Queens tend to go on to achieve awards at the different events throughout the year. But when it comes to the various kings of England, the film and TV world doesn’t seem too interested in them. At least not at present.

So,any adaptation of the popular monarch is likely going to have a lot of attention placed on it for the role of the female lead. And this new Netflix series of the popular monarch, titled The Crown, is no different. And in true Netflix style, they are going all out to ensure the production qualities of this are worthy of the nobility they want to portray. And if you think I’m joking, this is reported to be Netflix’s most expensive series to date and by the looks of it, the production values certainly go to justify the cost. Let’s hope the final result will be well worth the money spent on it.


This time, Netflix is focusing on the early story on the current monarch, the long serving Queen Elizabeth II and to ensure they get the royal portrayals as accurate as possible, they have brought in people that are no strangers to the monarch. The series has been written by The Queen scribe Peter Morgan and will see Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot) direct and co-produce alongside Andy Harries (The Queen). So The Crown is in safe hands.

And portraying the Queen, they have cast Clair Foy who seems to do a fantastic job if the trailer is anything to go by. She will play a newlywed queen who is faced with the daunting prospect of leading the world’s most famous monarchy. The series will also look at the toll her reign takes on her marriage with Duke Phillip (Matt Smith) as well as her political relationship with the popular Winston Churchill (John Lithgow)

I think this is going to be another stellar series by Netflix. While different to many of their other more sci-fi or action oriented series, they have really nailed the period down and with what looks to be backed up by some superb acting and directing, should make for a compelling series. Expect this to have a lot of award interest come next year’s Emmy award show if the series lives up to this trailer.

The Crown, will be a 10 part series and be available for streaming from November 4. The series also stars Victoria Hamilton, Jared Harris, Vanessa Kirby and Eileen Atkins in supporting roles.

Last Updated: September 29, 2016

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