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TRON LEGACY sequel boots up with a new writer Jesse Wigutow

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Tron Legacy may not have been a critical smash, but at least it raked in plenty of cash at the box office for Disney. With a $400 million take, there’s room for a new film based in that universe of bits and bytes, and that’s just what Jesse Wigutow will be aiming to do when he takes over scripting duties for the threequel.

Replacing David “Eight Below” DiGilio, the script that Wigutow is working on will still be helmed by director Joseph Kosinski. THR says that ever since Alan Horn took over as Disney Studios chairman, progress has picked up on the project, and that the studio is taking an everything or nothing approach to getting it made and earning some wider praise from audiences.

As for the plot of Tron 3, it’s rumoured that it will carry on directly from Tron: Legacy, and will star the son of Olivia Wilde’s Quorra and Cillian Murphy’s Dillinger.

And if that has anything to do with the fantastically brilliant Tron: Uprising that currently airing on Disney XD, that would make me a very happy program.

Wigutow is in uncharted waters right now, but he has a massive raft of projects on the way. A remake of The Crow and The Osterman Weekend, as well as a Steve McQueen biopic that he contributed to, are on the cards right now.
Add to that two more films with Disney,  Peter and the Starcatchers and Parrallel, and he certainly is prolific.



Last Updated: December 6, 2012

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