Trouble finds you in this trailer for FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES

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Long gone are the days when TV series played second fiddle – hell, fourth wazoo – to their feature film cousins. Today we have big budget shows, featuring A-list Hollywood talent that put many movies to shame. So of course we’re now seeing fan favourite movies like Fargo and Zombieland being turned into series. And now it’s the turn of Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, based on his and Quentin Tarantino’s tale of crooks, vampires, super cool neck tattoos and of course a very vivid description of an assortment of cats.

Based on the thrill-ride film, “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series” is a supernatural crime saga centered around bank robber, Seth Gecko (D.J. Cotrona) and his violent, unpredictable brother, Richard “Richie” Gecko (Zane Holtz), who are wanted by the FBI and Texas Rangers Earl McGraw (Don Johnson) and Freddie Gonzalez (Jesse Garcia) after a bank heist left several people dead. While on an escape route to Mexico, Seth and Richie encounter former minister Jacob Fuller and his family who they take hostage. Using the family RV to make a run for the Mexican border, chaos ensues when the group detours to a strip club that is unknowingly populated by vampires, and forces them to fight until dawn in order to get out alive. The series deepens the tone of the film, adds new characters and backstories and expands the Mesoamerican mythology behind the vampires.

I hate to break it to Mr. D.J. Cotrona, but he sure ain’t no George Clooney. There also appears to be an almost cheapness to this that I just can’t place (the lighting? the acting?), and I’m still not sure how they’re going to stretch out this story o a full series.

Couple this with a lack of Tarantino – who in my opinion offered the best bits of the film, and I can’t say that my expectations are too high for this, but I’ll still give it a watch in the hope that Rodriguez manages to recapture the magic. Also, to see how they got to replace Salma Hayek. This last bit is rather important.

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series is set to debut on March 11, 2014 on El Rey, the new Latino-centric TV network founded by Rodriguez. No word yet on whether it will make it to other platforms as well.

Last Updated: January 31, 2014

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