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Trump to get his Space Force – on Netflix

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Trump’s bizarre ideas might seem a little hard to process or even be plausible to many. That doesn’t stop him from trying to implement those ideas and deliver on his promises though. And one of those bizarre ideas of his, a so-called Space Force, is becoming a reality. On TV at least, because we all know Trump’s ideas only live in the realm of fiction, right?

Netflix is teaming up with The Office creator Greg Daniels and star Steve Carell for a new workplace comedy around Trump’s ambitious idea of having a task team in space that is designed to work on a variety of tasks to keep earth safe from whatever is floating out there in space. Or at the very least, figure out what they are supposed to doing while in space because it’s clear that the idea is all a little vague, a Netflix reveals in this special teaser:

It’s unclear exactly what to expect from this upcoming show, but it’s hard to not to immediately jump to comparisons that it may just end up being a mockumentary style in a similar vein to the popular The Office. While both Daniels (who also helped create similarly themed Parks and Recreation) and Carell have long since shown that there is more to their repertoire than that comedy show, the small glimpse of humour we get to see here falls perfect in line with those comparisons. Though hopefully different enough to still allow it to be its own thing.

Netflix hasn’t revealed any other news on when they are hoping for the series to come out or even who, outside of Carell is starring in it, but hopefully it’s something we get to see more of soon. Netflix has a knack for keeping production details secret and I wouldn’t be surprised if a significant amount of work has already gone into the production of this show where it hopefully won’t be too far away before we start seeing any footage.

At least if the US is going to have a Space Force I would rather it be on Netflix than in space where they could do actual harm to the rest of us.   

Last Updated: January 17, 2019

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