Tsui Hark's 'Flying Swords of Dragon Gate' sets a new record for Imax

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Quick, what’s better than a big screen Kung Fu epic film starring Jet Li? Why it’s obviously a Kung Fu epic starring Jet Li on an even BIGGER screen. Writer/director Tsui Harks 3D martial arts epic Flying Swords of Dragon Gate has kicked its way into a new record for the Imax debut of the film.

Co-produced by Imax and Chinese distributor Bona Film Group, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate has grossed over $10 million since it’s opening on December 15. Think that’s a laughable figure? Think again, it did it on only 61 screens.

Surpassing the previous record set by Aftershock, the current figures leave the film in third place, just behind Avatar and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

The period epic features the iconic director Tsui Hark, teaming up with actors Jet Li, Zhou Xun, Aloys Chen Kun, Kwai Lun-Mei, Li Yuchun and Fan Xiaoxuan.

The film has been a monumental success in Asian markets, and has already gathered nominations for the Sixth Asian Film Awards show. So how much do you miss having a South African Imax theatre now?

Last Updated: January 25, 2012

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