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January 29th, 2011 @ 19:11:28

Coming off the back of the totally awesome news that a feature film adaptation of amazing video game The Witcher will hit the big screens sometime in 2017 is a quick update from the producer of the much-troubled Uncharted. Funnily enough I haven’t played the game yet – I got the trilogy only recently and have been stuck in… Okay, that doesn’t sound good, I’ve been PLAYING the Witcher instead. I have been told by friends and family alike though that Nathan Drake is an awesome character and would work well on screen so I am rather excited about the movie.

SONY announced a while ago that the film adaptation had a June 2017 release date, which is rather impressive seeing as they haven’t nabbed a director or lead actor for that matter. Similar to Ant-ManUncharted has seen a score of directors come and go, from Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) to Neil Burger (Divergent) the film has been in movie limbo for years. Well recently Collider spoke with producer Charles Roven at the launch of the new Warcraft trailer and he promises us that we will all soon ‘be hearing something shortly’. Sadly we have no clue what that will be. Perhaps he will let us know who will actually be playing the titular explorer, just don’t expect that to be fan-favourite pick Nathan Fillion (I mean, come on!) Why? Well, he explains that there are many variables that one has to take into account when casting and that fans don’t get say, or something (I MEAN COME ON, NATHAN FILLION!):

There’s the studio, they’re a factor. There’s the director, of which we don’t have one at the moment – that individual will be a factor. And of course the producers have a say. In this particular case [Avi and Ari Arad] are producing together with Atlas and that’s a partnership, so we all have a vote. But we’re really not ready to cast that vote yet until we’re ready to actually cast, and that’s not happened yet.

So they’re not ready to cast, or to cast a vote. Well that doesn’t really help now does it? Interestingly director James Gunn of Guardians of the Galaxy was only saying the other day that fans don’t get to choose, not even if they are swearing at the director over twitter or Facebook, or standing outside his house in the nude, begging. What kind of people do you attract, James?!

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We’ll let you know the moment we have any information on who is set to direct.

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