Valve Launches Family Gaming Section on Steam

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Valve have launched a family-friendly, casual gaming section on their digital store, and have discounted a few of their games to mark it’s opening. Woah there…calm down. Yes, I said “casual gaming,’  but before you pick up your coffee mug, stapler, brick or any manner of similar blunt object with the sole intention of hurling it squarely at my face – think of it as a single, unified place you can use to recommend games to your less gaming-oriented mother, father, girlfriend, or  Aunt Martha. My Aunt Martha makes the most delicious cheese scones – and is also now a Cake Mania Deluxe champion.

While it’s mostly a collection of particularly awful games, some of them are less than horrible. Games like Peggle and Plants vs Zombies – Both games that’ll rob even the HARDEST of HARDCORE gamers of many, many hours.

Source : Steam

Last Updated: July 21, 2009

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