Van Damn! KICKBOXER and BLOODSPORT are getting reboots

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Sure, Hollywood may no longer be interested in coming up with original movie ideas, but at least they only concentrate on one remake at a time. That is, unless you’re looking at Jean Claude Van Damme films that is. JCVD may be past his bicep-flexin prime, but the movies he starred in are still kinda watchable these days.

Which is why not one, but two of his classics will be getting the reboot treatment.

Van Damme

First up Bloodsport, the 1988 movie which introduced audiences to Van Damme’s mighty revenge-thighs as he took part in an underground tournament known as the kumite. Van Damme’s breakout role, the film was based on the true life events of secret agent ninja Frank Dux, which in reality were about as authentic as the meat in a McDonalds patty. Still, the real-life fiction is one helluva great film with an awesome rock tune which James “V for Vendetta” McTeigue will be helming.

I dig McTeigue films, as he’s one of the few director’s in Hollywood that can film a fight scene that doesn’t have a Bourne again cameraman recording the action in shakey fits. The new take on the film will apparently look more at Brazil’s Vale Tudo fighting style, a no holds barred martial mixed arts way of of fist to face techniques.

Robert “Taken” Kamen is working on the screenplay, which has a ton of producers attached to it as well.

Next up, Kickboxer. That 1989 film introduced audiences once again to the revenge-thighs of Van Damme, as JCVD starred in a recycled version of Bloodsport essentially. Only with more fists wrapped in bandages, flames and broken glass.

This reboot though, will see a little Tai Chi influence the Kickboxer. Specifically through director Stephen “Tai Chi Zero” Fung, who will be working off a script supplied by Dimitri Logothetis and Jim McGrath. I still dig both movies, even if they are fundamentally the same. They both had great fight scenes and great villains, but only one of them had a drunk Van Damme dancing in a seedy thai bar.

Last Updated: July 25, 2013

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