Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson reunite for "Interns"

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One of these actors has been in a terrible Christmas movie, while the other had to make Jackie Chan look funny. When they’re seperate, they’re terrible, but when Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team up, the results are legendary.

And it seems that the duo are once again teaming up alongside Real Steel director Shawn Levy to be interns.

Levy is also currently producing the Vaughn-starring comedy Neighbourhood Watch, and will pair up the actors for The Interns, a comedy that sees two fortysomething friends get laid off, who then decide to start life over and become internet interns at a massive google-like company.

Of course, they’ll have to compete with younger, fresher competition in order to move up the corporate ladder, so expect hijinks of the wacjy variety.

With 2 Guns having recently ditched the duo and their comedic stylings for a more action-orientated aspect that favours Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, this might be just the project that the two need to get back into the public eye.

Although personally, I’m hoping that Will Ferrell makes a cameo appearance as Mister Tarkanian, the worlds worst boss.


Last Updated: February 8, 2012

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