Vince Vaughn may be slapping leather as a GUNSLINGER soon

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Vince Vaughn is a great comedic actor. That dry sense of humour and indignation has paid off well for the man, with films ranging from The Wedding Crashers through to upcoming projects such as The Watch and The Internship provifing more The vehicles for his funny-bone antics.

But Vince Vaughn the action star?

Vaughn will be joining the cast of Gunslingers, an action film that transplants familiar icons from the Wild West days of America, into a modern day setting in the city of broken dreams, Los Angeles.

While the film doesn’t have a director yet, it does have a script from Randall “Braveheart” Wallace, a blueprint that calls for two lead actors, of which Vaughn will be one of.

Still, the idea of Vaughn as an action star isn’t too far-fetched. The man was running from velociraptors and bookies before he went straight to comedy, while also flexing some western acting chops in South of Heaven, West of Hell. And don’t forget that other Psycho performance of his.

So, what do you think, would you watch a film starring Vince Vaughn that had more bullets than laughs?

Last Updated: July 17, 2012

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