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Wait, so Fox is NOT trading Fantastic Four characters to Marvel now?

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You may recall that that yesterday I was – pardon my french – “perdre ma merde” over the fact that Marvel and 20 Century Fox may have brokered a deal that provided Fox with an extension on their Daredevil cinematic rights in exchange for Fox handing the rights for Galactus, the Silver Surfer and Uatu the Watcher back to Marvel.

Well, seems that somebody may just have been working us fanboys into a frenzy for nothing, as new reports have come out claiming that there’s no trade happening at all. Cue sad face.

Deadline were the designated party poopers who broke the story, with their sources (who have been pretty reliable in the past) coming out and rubbishing yesterday’s claims. And while there’s been no official word yet, one way or the other, from either Fox or Marvel, the reasons that these sources give makes a lot of sense.

Galactus is just far too much of an arch enemy to the Fantastic Four for Fox to just give him away now that they have a hot up and coming director like Josh Trank giving the superhero family the reboot treatment soon. That would be like DC selling off the Joker right before they make a Batman movie.

Deadline also claims that while they’re pushing for a Fantastic Four reboot, Fox are actually pretty lukewarm on another Daredevil movie and are prepared to let their rights to the character lapse back to Marvel. The involvement of Joe Carnahan in a new Daredevil movie was apparently also exaggerated a bit, as the director had just pitched his “hardcore 70’s thriller” idea, but Fox themselves had never accepted it or made him any official offers.

Now if the rights do revert back to Marvel, there’s nothing stopping Carnahan from approaching them with the idea, so at least I can still (potentially) geek out about that. However, I would seriously have loved to see Galactus being put to use in the proper Marvel universe, as he is just such an amazing character (long live the legacy of Jack Kirby!) and deserves the biggest stage to play on. Hopefully Trank can step up and use him better than his last cinematic incarnation in the decidedly mediocre Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, where he was essentially reduced to being an intergalactic fart cloud.


Last Updated: August 8, 2012

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