Want to gag with the Avengers?

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Want to gag with the Avengers? 2

Hey you! Yeah you! Ever wanted to see Thor juggle Mjolnir? Witness the super-dramatic acting skills of Cobie Smulders? Watch Bruce Banner run from a fight like a girly man? Well now you can, as a gag reel featuring earths mightiest heroes has just surfaced.

And oh, what a spoiler-filled laugh it us for the few of you who have yet to see the film.

Courtesy of ComingSoon.net, we can now finally see the real threat that Captain America faced: Putting on a parachute!

Mental note: If Hollywood ever remakes Smokey and the Bandit, get Robert Downey Junior to play the role that made Burt Reynolds famous. And for an added bonus, here’s an extended scene featuring Hawkeye and Loki hatching a lil’ scheme together.

Last Updated: August 21, 2012

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