Watch The Hunger Games early

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The Hunger Games, that teen novel adaptation it’s actually “acceptable” to be squee about, opened to record-breaking box office numbers in the United States this past Friday. South Africans however have to wait until 13 April to watch this sci-fi actioner – based on Suzanne Collins’s best-seller about a dystopian future America where teens are selected by lottery to fight to the death in a brutal televised tournament.

Well, if you feel like you can’t wait until the 13th, Nu Metro is offering you a reprieve. The cinema chain has scheduled a whole day of pre-release screenings of The Hunger Games on the Family Day public holiday – that’s Monday, 9 April. Book now to catch the first mega-blockbuster of 2012 before anyone else!

EDIT (27/03): Oh, looks like Ster Kinekor is doing exactly the same thing as Nu Metro on the public holiday. And there are also going to be special midnight screenings at SK cinemas late on Thursday, 12 April, where everyone who pre-books will receive a prize.

Last Updated: March 26, 2012

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