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Watch the trailer for Russian superhero movie GUARDIANS!

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You’ve probably noticed that the whole world loves superheroes right now. And by “the whole world,” I mean just that, and not just Hollywood. Which brings us to Guardians (not of the Galaxy though), an upcoming Russian superhero production that looks… well, I’m going to go with “interesting” for now. It borrows a fair bit from popular American comic books though (hey, where have I seen a team with a rock guy and invisible girl on before?!) (and is that Winter Soldier with really big swords!?!), but also adds its own distinct Russian flavour (WERE-BEAR!!).

Check out the first international trailer in all its badly dubbed glory below.

Set during the Cold War, a secret organization named “Patriot” gathered a group of Soviet superheroes, altering and augmenting the DNA of four individuals, in order to defend the homeland from supernatural threats.

The group includes representatives of the different nationalities of the Soviet Union, which each one of them have long been hiding their true identity. In hard times, they settled down to business and gather to defend their homeland.

OK, so that’s definitely no Night Watch in terms of visuals and cinematic quality, but I have to admit I’m rather eager to see what the full movie is like. After all, with all the athlete doping scandals going on in Russia right now, I give it about a decade before this becomes a factual documentary.

Guardians stars Anton Pampushny, Sanjar Madiev, Sebastian Sisak, Alina Lanina, Stanislav Shirin, Valery Shkirando, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Alexander Semenov, and Vladimir Butenko. It was directed by Saric Andreasyan and is scheduled for release in Russia in February 2017.


Last Updated: August 26, 2016

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  1. I’ve been following this movie… they’ve done quite a good job with the effects I must say.


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