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Watch: Two Barrymore actors for the price of one star in the dramedy The Stand In

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The Stand In is the upcoming dramedy about losing and finding yourself. It’s a rare feature from director Jamie Babbit, who’s better known for her work behind the camera on TV shows such as Gilmore Girls, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Silicon Valley, and Santa Clarita Diet. The latter is where she worked with her lead Drew Barrymore.

The plot synopsis is as follows:

Candy (Drew Barrymore) is a washed-up movie star busted for tax evasion; the crime even has her in the doghouse with her fans. When she’s sentenced to rehab, she has the brilliant idea to hire her enthusiastic former stand-in, Paula (also Barrymore), to serve the time in her place. A strange co-dependent relationship develops as Candy realizes she can use Paula as a stand-in for all the unpleasant parts of life—traffic school, talk show appearances, the list is endless.

But she doesn’t expect Paula to fully embrace her new role, taking over Candy’s career and even moving in with her boyfriend (Michael Zegen). After decades of living in the public eye, Candy is happy to adjust to surviving in the real world without the trappings of fame, while Paula desperately clings to the fracturing celebrity life of her dreams.

Let’s take a look:

So this isn’t going to wow you with outrageous antics and zany plot points, in fact the movie seems fairly restrained. I think that’s because it is actually trying to tell a story, and one Barrymore is probably far too familiar with given all the years she’s spent in and around the Hollywood spotlight. She also looks like she’s putting in a good performance as both characters, with each having their own distinct personalities and mannerisms. Overall I think this looks like a decent little dramedy.

What do you think?

The Stand In is due for release in the US on 11 December. Written by Sam Bain (Four Lions), it also stars T.J. Miller, Holland Taylor, Charlie Barnett, Ellie Kemper, Andrew Rannells, and Lena Dunham.

Last Updated: November 2, 2020

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  1. Looks kinda watchable and enjoyable. Will wait for a Netflix release though.


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