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We're howling at the moon in this new trailer for WEREWOLF: THE BEAST AMONG US

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Monsters are popular, for romantic reasons that elude us. At the top of that food chain, are vampires, with werewolves a close second, provided that they boast abs with which one grate cheese on. Universal Pictures has long been the home of such monster films, and they’re rebooting their lycanthrope franchise once more, with an all new Wolfman tale.

A couple of years ago, Universal was banking on The Wolfman to make some serious cash at the box office, but despite a great cast and some astounding practical effects in bringing the franchise back to life, it was an underperforming bomb.

Thanks partly due to director Mark Romanek quitting over creative differences, leaving replacement director Joe Johnston a mere three weeks with which to prepare for the film, massive re-shoots and release date delays, The Wolfman was lucky enough to just make back the cash spent on it.

But hey, at least Rick Baker won a well deserved Oscar for his kickass Werewolf effects.

The latest werewolf film from Universal, a straight to DVD/Blu-Ray project, is being labelled a sequel by the monster studio, and is directed by Louis “The Hitcher” Morneau.

Once again, someone is reenacting a Duran Duran song a little too seriously, and it’s up to a team of Bounty Hunters who have raided the Van Helsing arsenal to go and put the mangy mutant mutt down.

Except that the sleepy little 19th century European village they’re in might have more than one of those werewolves skulking around. Lots more…

Stephen Rea heads the cast, joined byGuy Wilson, Nia Peeples and Steven Bauer. Shot on location in Vampire central, Transylvania, the movie is out in time for Halloween this year.

Last Updated: July 27, 2012

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