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What's the cost of a film ticket?

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How many of you go to the movies as opposed to staying at home and popping on a DVD? Some are just streaming what they want, though that is not the way to see the latest films on offer. One choice is to become a movie reviewer and get your shows for free, but that is a hard and arduous life that only the brave can follow. 

MyBroadband has posted an article comparing some local movie prices and judging by those I can see why I rarely get out of the house to go see a film. You can view the full chart on that site, but suffice to say a movie ticket for a 2D show can cost between R21 and R62, with 3D ranging from R32 to R79. The more luxurious lounge options cost even more.

The article does also mention the savings from discount offers, but I maintain that to rely on third party ‘clubs’ to make your product accessible is a poor business model. In fact, the whole local cinema approach is in my opinion outdated. Food options are limited and shockingly priced, while the films on offer are either the ‘must see’ blockbusters or some b-grade thing that was released elsewhere on DVD a long time ago. There is no showing of more classic movies, marathons or anything like that. For example, where are the classic horror movies for Halloween or perhaps a week-long Ghibli festival?

Then again, many people don’t seem to mind the experience, but as some comments on MyBB suggest, attendance is dwindling…

Last Updated: March 25, 2015

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