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Who wants to be human anyway in this first trailer for TUSK,Kevin Smith's True North trilogy revealed

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Snootch to the bootch! Snoogans! Catholicism wow! Director Kevin Smith has pretty much carved out a unique niche in Hollywood with his View Askewiverse. But the man is more than just stoner comedy and Mark Hammil knocking your testicles in with a comically over-sized fist. There’s a darkness lurking in ol’ Silent Bob, and if you think Red State was horrifying, wait until you see Tusk.

Well that’s…different. Tusk is mostly going to be one hell of a different horror film, wherein Justin Long’s roaming podcaster character is slowly transformed into a human walrus through the demented hands of Michael Park’s mental sailor. That film also stars Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez, with a release date of September 19. But it’s not the only Canada-based movie that writer/director Kevin Smith will be embarking on.

In fact, he has two more lined up, with Tusk being the first in his upcoming True North trilogy. Yoga Hosers will follow after Tusk, with Moose Jaws capping his unholy trilogy. According to Smith, Yoga Hosers would be a PG-13 flick starring two 15 year old girls in the lead roles as they battle super-powered people up north and would most likely result in the director being  “run out of the country” once Canada discovered what these powers were.

Smith wasn’t sharing more than that, but his other movie, Moose Jaws, was described as an exploitation film about a killer moose trying to murder a young girl. In addition to all that, Smith will still be filming his Krampus movie afterwards, before finally hitting Clerks 3 sometime in 2015. A busy couple of years ahead for Silent Bob then.

Last Updated: July 28, 2014

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  1. Well that’s a bit too Human Centipede for me…


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