Will DEADPOOL be a PG-13 movie?

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I don’t think in any universe, that the idea of a Deadpool movie is a bad idea. Hell, he’s the kind of hero that fans have been waiting for. A violent, sociopathic killer whose amazing regenerative healing factor allows him to survive all manner of wounds, even if it does leave him looking like a burnt slice of pizza. But could such a character work outside of an R-rated environment?


The film has a star in Ryan Reynolds, a release date for February 2016 and a director in Tim Miller. What it doesn’t have is an age restriction, something that could very much set the tone of the movie in more ways than one. According to Scmoes Knows however, that age restriction could be shooting for the golden land of PG-13, which would keep the violence and adult themes down to a low.

And while you don’t need violence to make a Deadpool movie, not having it is like trying to make a Dirty Harry movie that ditches the Magnum revolver for a water gun. It just doesn’t work. Hell, look at Die Hard 4 as a prime example of this.

Still, there may be some hope. One of the writers on the film, Rhett Reese hit Twitter, with the following tweet:

Whatever the final direction is, I’m hoping its towards the gorier side of Deadpool. Violence may not solve everything, but it sure as hell does make the character funny.

Last Updated: September 23, 2014

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