Will TERMINATOR 5 get the most electrifying T-1000 in all of entertainment today?

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You can’t keep a good terminator down! Death to all humans! The next installment in the popular franchise may be a ways off, but development is taking place at a brisk pace. The original hunter-killer himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he’ll return for when the film starts shooting in January 2014, but not as a Terminator model with advanced saggy chest pocket weapons.

Instead, it looks like none other than the great one himself, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be gearing up to main event that film.

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Pinch some salt, as WWE Examiner has reported that the upcoming Terminator 5 is being developed as a film specially for Johnson. The film script also details that this Terminator flick would be set in the 1940s, serving as a prequel that sees Skynet send a Terminator robot after the parents of Sarah Connor, prequeling the previous films. As for Arnie, for once he won’t be playing the kind of character who murders people (Or reason as Officer Candy), but will instead hero things up.

Apparently, the idea is that Arnie will be so damn good at protecting the Connor’s with antiquated weaponary, that he’ll inspire Skynet to create their future hunter-killers in his image for the 1984 attack on Sarah Connor. Take it with said pinch of salt, but I kinda like the idea of The Rock vs Arnie.





Last Updated: June 21, 2013

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