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Mr. POTTER! I remember watching the first Harry Potter movie about 100 years ago. I also remember waiting outside a bookstore with my then girlfriend so we could buy the book, thinking ‘it’s just a fad, it will fade out!’ Yeah, WRONG. Seven novels and eight movies later, we have an epic new chapter about to kick off and it’s looking great!

So I am rather excited as I get to watch the preview of that new chapter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, this evening! Please don’t suck! I have a feeling it won’t though. Another thing that doesn’t suck is winning stuff! And we have a HUGE giveaway this time! Once again the absolutely awesome people at Times Media Films have come through with three, yes, THREE hampers of such magical goodies that you’d think you were in a J.K Rowling movie! But before we get there, have a quick recap of the trailer:

Doesn’t that look like a whole bag of fun? A bag that you can climb into of fun? (trademark pending). The movie stars Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne in a role that will more than likely keep him busy for the next few years as this is just the start of a five-film series. Veteran Harry Potter director David Yates is also returning as he has been given the green light to direct all five films! Man, he is going to hate Rowling by the end of that!

But enough with getting you to think TL;DR. What’s in the FANTASTIC BOX!? Well we have three hampers of the below up for grabs. Feast thine eyes!


All you need to do to enter is to fill out the below form. Now, each time I ask you to do that there are some of you who think inputting your name 100 times will give you a 99 entry advantage over others. Nope. UNIQUE email addresses only please. If you happen to have 3, good for you! (I have like 5).

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As the movie is out on FRIDAY, 25 NOVEMBER we will draw on the 24th, to make the viewing even more special. So good luck! And make sure you book your tickets to this year’s magical extravaganza!

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