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Zach Galifianakis, Seth Rogen and Bill Hader set to appear in new space comedy THE SOMETHING

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With the success of The Martian winning best comedy at the Golden Globes, despite the fact that it wasn’t a comedy (though did have some funny bits in it), the argument is certainly there that pursuing a movie about space and passing it off as a comedy is a great way to be in line for the big prizes. Except this time, Universal pictures are going to try and produce an ACTUAL comedy set in space and not just a pretend one. And it probably won’t be up for any awards, but you never know.

According to Hollywood Reporter Zach Galifianakis, Seth Rogen and Bill Hader are set to appear in a new space comedy title The Something. Original isn’t it, but surely in space it would be better titled The Nothing? But I digress, each of these actors brings something unique to the table and while each actors has had movies which are good and bad, if they bring their best out he movie with their distinct brands of humour, it could be one wild ride. The synopsis of the film is reported as follows:

The Something follows a group of male astronauts, who, after being stuck in space for years, come upon another ship.

Which doesn’t reveal much. It sounds like quite a bleak setting, but I’m sure that with these three stars, there will be a lot of comedic banter and silly jokes to keep you entertained. Also, what the contents of the new ship are (probably includes James Franco) will undoubtedly be where the fun happens. It sounds a bit like Event Horizon, except this time perhaps they will die of laughter rather than something sinister?


Rodney Rothman, who wrote the scripts for 22 Jump Street and Grudge Match, has written the script for this and will be making his directorial debut for the movie as well. His previous movies have been a bit hit and miss, so hopefully he is learning what works and what doesn’t and is able to deliver a more solid effort.

It is too early to call if its one worth watching, but I’m sure it will at least be funnier than The Martian – just don’t tell the Foreign Press Association that.

Last Updated: February 4, 2016

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