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1 in 3 games for PS4 from EA?

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Speaking to the UBS Global Technology Conference, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen stated that most consumers were buying three games for their new PS4s. Most interesting was the newfound commitment to brick and mortar sales.

Jorgenssen explained the focus at the moment is trying to keep stock in the stores:

[…]Essentially our biggest worry now is making sure there is enough product in the stores because the consumers obviously want to buy a software to go with the new boxes.

According to Jorgenssen, one out of every three pieces of software being purchased for the PS4 comes from EA. However, there is a big difference between digital and retail distribution. Jorgensen acknowledges that despite an increase in broadband speeds, the increase in the size of games has undone those advances:

The biggest impediment still appears to be bandwidth coming into the house and while bandwidth speeds have improved dramatically over the last five years, unfortunately because the processing power of the new boxes is so high, the size of games have increased dramatically. And so all of the benefits that we got from faster bandwidth is probably eaten up by bigger games. So just to give you an example, Battlefield, on a download into the new PlayStation still takes about six hours.

Do my eyes deceive me? People actually recognizing that internet speeds aren’t magical and games are massive and will take ages to download? Does this mean that someone has actually listened to gamers, and we will continue to see games being sold at retail outlets? Amazing. It’s good to see companies acknowledge that not everyone has a fiber line into their home – plenty of us still struggle with slower internet speeds that made digital distribution next to impossible for these massive games.

At least we can look forward to retail support for a long time.


Last Updated: November 21, 2013

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