10 Things I Hate About You – Xbox 360

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10 things I hate about the 360

This is the first in our series of 3… maybe more… articles which will happily focus on the 10 things that we hate about our consoles of choice.

While all three of the new consoles have brought something new and interesting to the table, none of them are perfect and now it’s time to point out exactly what is wrong with each and every one of them.

Up first is the red eyed monster from Microsoft.

10. Charging for Online Multi-Player

Which dingbat in the Microsoft office thought it would be a good idea to suddenly charge the public for the ability to play against each other online? Something PC gamers have been doing for years for free and continue to do for free still today.

9. Scratching Discs

I take my Xbox 360 around to a friend who has wooden floors and after a mere 40 minutes of gaming my Medal of Honor disc has a deep ring scratch through it and it’s no longer usable (Not that I am crying over that game). Simply because someone walked past the console while we were playing.

8. Halo

Halo 1 was great, Halo 2 was okay and Halo 3 was painful. If I wanted to listen to whiney teenagers all day long I would become a teacher.

7. Over Priced Accessories

R1000 ($125) for a 20GB hard drive… what have that lot been smoking? The things can be picked up for R300 from our local rip off market.

6. No HDD in the Arcade

Seriously the original Xbox had a nice healthy drive in every single console and then they go and release a gimped console and charge us the previously mentioned idiotic prices for the HDD afterwards.


5. Multiple SKU’s

Remember the good old days when you could go into a store and buy a Playstation 2 or Xbox and that was the limit of the decision. Now I get phone calls all the time asking me if they should be buying the Code, Arcade, Premium, Pro, Elite or Mongoose… Trying to explain that the Core is the Arcade and the Premium is the Pro is hard enough without some of them having HDMI ports and the others not.

4. No Wireless

Seriously, the thing would have cost and extra R80 ($10) to stick into the box and you left it out and then expect us to fork out R800 for one as an added extra? I have now resorted to running UTP cable all through my house instead

3. Patches

I remember a simpler time, a time when you bought a game and it worked straight out of the box and if it sucked it would continue to suck until eternity. Now the latest patch for the game is normally available before I get the game home from the shop. (Applies to all but started by Xbox)

2. Achievements

Great idea… horribly addictive for some and now I have retards running around in Battlefield with knives only and in Gears with Pistols only… It’s also a great way to get a useless game to sell well…

And the number one most hated thing about the Xbox 360 is obviously

1. Reliability

Hell this could take up all 10 places, when ever has such a mass market piece of equipment been released as unreliable as the Xbox 360. With some rumours of a 66% failure rate and no end in site to an abysmal track record the reliability of the 360 is the number one hated thing about the Xbox 360

So that’s it for this one, which ones did I miss and if you have some pet hates about the other two contenders let me know and they may make it into next weeks edition.

Last Updated: August 15, 2008

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