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12 Gaming heroes with mental disorders

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Mental disorders are not things that we speak about often and are often still viewed with fear and anger by the general public. However since hiring Darryn we’ve needed to face up to certain issues* in the Lazygamer office. But we’re not alone, here are 12 of you gaming heroes who also suffer from official mental disorders, I’m not sure who originally created this but I found it on reddit


Personally I can think of a few more that could easily be added to the list. We’ve got Marcus Phoenix with severe abandonment issues, the entire cast of the Mortal Kombat series with varying levels of psychosis as well as Princess Peach with commitment and bestiality issues… come on you don’t still believe she’s being kidnapped every week do you?

*Oh and don’t worry about Darryn we’re working on his Batman obsession and while it doesn’t look like we’re winning at least he’s not a danger to himself and others just yet. Though I am worried about when he completes his costume.

Last Updated: June 25, 2012

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