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25 years later, Star Control II’s creators are making a direct sequel

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There are not enough words to explain how influential Star Control II was, or exactly why it is still considered one of the best games ever made. Similarly, there are not enough words to convey sufficiently how disappointing the game’s sequel was. While Star Control 3 was an able demonstration of computer graphics technology of the time, it went a little backwards in its integration of the series alien races, and poor combat modes. Developed without any input from designers Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III from Toys for Bob, most fans don’t consider it part of the series canon.

Now, 25 years later, Fred ford and Paul Reiche III have announced that they are making an official sequel.

“It was almost exactly 25 years ago that we released Star Control II – The Ur-Quan Masters for DOS PCs. We poured our hearts into the game, blending our love for classic science fiction, Spacewar!-style action gameplay and our own quirky sense of humor. We had tons of help from many talented friends and collaborators, but even so getting the game across the finish line was a herculean effort — both the exciting, hydra-fighting kind, as well as the exhausting stable-cleaning kind.”

It’ll be a direct sequel to Star Control II, called Ghosts of the Precursors.

“Pretty much ever since then, fans have been politely asking us to create a sequel, sometimes begging for a sequel, even threatening us if we don’t make a sequel. Our answer was always, “We really want to do this, we just need to wait until the time is right” – kind of like Cthulhu awakening, but less end-of-the-worldy. Well, the stars have finally aligned – we are now working on a direct sequel to Star Control II – The Ur-Quan Masters, called Ghosts of the Precursors.“

It looks like it may drop Star Control from its name, as Atari seems to still own that IP, but it does look like the alien races you love and loathe will be present.

“We are early, early in development, but rest assured, the game will include genuine Ur-Quan, Precursors, Super-Melee, Umgah, VUX, Supox, THE ULTRON!, Druuge, Arilou Lalee’lay, Orz, Androsynth, Rainbow Worlds, Ilwrath, Syreen, Mmrnmhrm, Yehat, Shofixti, Spathi (including the ever-terrified Fwiffo), Umgah, Melmorme, Chmmr, Earthlings, Mycon, THE MARK II!, Slylandro, Utwig, Thraddash, Zoq-Fot-Pik, VUX Beast, Pkunk, the Keel-Verezy, and of course all new alien races to discover, befriend …and/or be annigilate… I mean annihigate.. Damn! Well, you get the idea.”

No word on when we might expect to see anything, but it’s safe to say it won’t be for a while. Still, after 25 years, one or two more won’t hurt.

Last Updated: October 10, 2017


  1. Admiral Chief

    October 10, 2017 at 12:43



  2. Lu

    October 10, 2017 at 12:43



  3. Spathi

    October 10, 2017 at 14:57

    “(including the ever-terrified Fwiffo)” – I do take offence, not a lot, just a little bit. We are a proud race that just really value life, our own to be specific. Remember our motto: He who fights and runs away, lives to run away another day! Long live the Spathi!


  4. Spathi

    October 10, 2017 at 14:59

    SC2 (Star Control, not Starcraft you bloody youngsters!) had such a rich world filled to the brim with interesting characters. The game’s atmosphere and ambiance still holds up today. Very excited about the news!


    • Mighty Meh

      October 11, 2017 at 13:21

      This is possibly the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Lank stoked they ditching the SC3 mess, I died a little inside when the precursors were revealed to be f#cking space cows.


  5. Phaezen

    October 11, 2017 at 10:05

    Backwards Utilizing Tracking Torpedo or riot.


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