27 developers reveal their personal top three PS2 games

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Yesterday, 27 October 2010, the PlayStation 2 turned ten years old in North America. To celebrate, the PlayStation.Blog asked a bunch of the most popular and renowned developers to spill the beans on their top three favourite PS2 games.

Those who supplied answers are from a myriad of development houses and websites. What makes the list even nicer is that it isn’t simply a group of first-party Sony developers patting themselves on the back. Ever wondered what Ken Levine’s top three PS2 games are? What about Cliffy B, Tim Schafer or Warren Spector?

Interestingly, ICO came out on top with the most mentions, followed closely by Shadow of the Colossus and various iterations of the GTA games. The full list of responses can be found here so head on over to the PlayStation.Blog and give it a read. But then get your asses back here and hit us up with your personal list of top three PS2 games in the comments below.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

Last Updated: October 28, 2010

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