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343 Industries is teasing… something to do with Halo Infinite

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Poor Halo Infinite. The game goes for years without any actual gameplay and the second that a trailer finally drops, everyone is rather disappointed. Let’s be honest, it didn’t look great. As Microsoft’s tentpole franchise you expected more from an initial gameplay trailer but at least we got Craig the Brute. While the game has been delayed since then (I imagine because the developers needed a little more time to fix all the criticism being hurled at the game) it could be the case that we see something new in regards to Halo Infinite fairly soon…

Joseph Staten, notable for his role in writing and director some fantastic cutscenes in the Halo franchise, has been teasing something on Twitter. Staten shared a screenshot of a series of sequences, each number chronologically, with a follow up tweet reading, “Care to guess what the final count will be?” with Twitter users voting unanimously for “117”. You likely already know this but that’s the number of legendary Spartan Master Chief. Could this be wishful thinking on behalf of fans? Possibly. 343 Industries has stated that we would see more of Halo Infinite “soon” according to GameInformer. So it could be that we’re greeted by Craig the Brute sooner than expected.


As long as it’s not another pre-rendered cinematic trailer. For a while, that was all Microsoft was willing to show off the game. Given the reception of the last gameplay trailer, it feels like 343 Industries has a point to prove. It’ll be just under a year since that gameplay trailer of Infinite dropped so one has to hope some significant improvements have been made since then.

Last Updated: May 11, 2021

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