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3DS second analogue stick rumours intensify

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We posted a while back about the rumour that the Nintendo 3DS may be getting a second analogue stick add-on and I even made that sweet header above to show how I think it will look.

Well believe it or not my Paint.Net skills have let me down and those irritatingly intelligent Japanese have beat me with an ascii drawing.

Apparently this is actually what the 3DS’s second analogue stick will look like


Granted my picture is leagues prettier but the key here is that the add on appears to simply extend the bottom of the 3DS instead of sticking the stick into a nicer place.

But to be fair my loss isn’t simply because the Japanese are smarter, which they are, but rather because some of them have gotten their hands on the upcoming Famitsu magazine where a review and explanation of the device can be found.

If this is true then we can expect an official unveiling this week, more importantly how are Nintendo going to push an accessory onto all the existing owners and are all new 3DS’s going to come with it bundled?

Source: 1UP

[Update] A scan of the magazine has hit the Internet, it looks far far worse than I thought, this isn’t going to go well for Nintendo.


Last Updated: September 7, 2011

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