5 Reasons why the PS3 will come in 3rd this Christmas

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Since I seem to be having an anti-PS3 day I thought I would just continue with yet another article sounding out the death knolls for this holiday season.

The Bitbag has posted an article detailing the 5 main reasons why the PS3 will fail this holiday season.

The number one reason ironically is bad press, Sony completely misjudged the consumer in this generation  and while their original arrogance has been tempered gamers have amazingly long memories. We never wanted two jobs to  pay for a console. Anyway this started the bad press that has now turned into a hobby for many websites. Sony is going to have to go on a charm offensive to stop the flood at some time.

The next problem is the lack of killer games for the PS3, it has nothing to compete against Gears or Halo at the moment. This will hurt them terribly.

At number 3 is the competition, the 360 and Wii are pushing hard and it is causing problems for Sony.

The next problem is Sony’s bad marketing, while it may be great in the East the majority of Western gamers don’t like the Sony adverts and marketing. They need to re-think it all.

The last major problem that Sony faces is the PS2, since they are making so much money from the PS2 Sony are obviously not keen on dropping the system, however by dropping the price of the PS2 again they are just keeping gamers away from their new flagship console. Especially since the new 40Gb model is not backwards compatible at all.

Sony really needs to start putting some more effort into it’s PS3 before it loses out next year as well.

The Bitbag – 5 Reasons Why Playstation 3 Will Come In 3rd This Holiday

Last Updated: October 8, 2007

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