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6 whole seconds of PlayStation 5 game Godfall leak

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Godfall, from developer Counterplay Games and publisher by Gearbox Publishing is one of the first games to be confirmed for release on the PlayStation 5. Revealed at the Game Awards in December, the game is a fantasy game that takes its combat cues from games like Monster Hunter.

It’ll support 4 player co-operative play, and though it’s hackey and slashey in nature, is likened to “loot shooters” like Destiny.

When it’s out, it’ll be on PS5 and PC (via the Epic Games Store), and is a little like Warframe and Diablo had a baby. While we know close to nothing about the game, we do know that’s expected to be one the launch titles for the PS5. As you can see in the above reveal trailer, it looks alright! The trailer purports to use in-engine footage, but doesn’t really show us what the game might look like in a playable state. Over on reddit, somebody’s leaked a brief clip of the actiony bits of the game, giving us one of our first glimpses of next-gen PlayStation videogaming.

It’s the briefest of looks, and well, it’s not the most inspiring thing is it? Sure there are some lovely effects and it’s smooth, but I’d expect “next gen” to be a little more impressive. It’s also too short a clip to make any real judgment on. Thankfully, it’s apparently a bit of footage from early last year, and is a smaller game from a small team – so the great big blockbuster AAA stuff should be a little more impressive.

Last Updated: January 21, 2020

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