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63% of PS3 owners say they will buy a PS Vita

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Nothing lies quite like market research and I’ve got the feeling it’s back to it’s old tricks again with Sony claiming that it’s research has shown that 63% of PS3 owners will buy a PS VIta in the first 18 months.

Currently there are roughly 54 million PS3’s in the marketplace and as such Sony are claiming that they’ll sell a minimum of 34 million PS Vita’s in 18 months.

That would instantly propel the PS Vita into possibly the best selling console ever and would obliterate the 3DS’s slow opening sales and also equal half of the PSP’s lifetime sales in 18 months.

But we all know statistics aren’t entirely accurate but they do a great job of pointing to trends and it’s quite obvious the PS Vita is picking up momentum and unless Sony do something really stupid they should be able to sell bucketloads of the devices when it launches in February next year.

I’m personally a little worried about the price with the console retailing for $299 in America and likely around R2700 locally.

But that first price cut at E3 2013 is going to light a serious fire under the sales charts.

Last Updated: October 31, 2011

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