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8 year old boy executes his grandmother

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Over the weekend an 8 year old child picked up a gun, put it to the back of his 87 year old grandmothers head and pulled the trigger killing her instantly. This all took place in Slaughter Louisiana. You can’t make this stuff up.

But why are we tell you this? Well because as it happened the opinionated and loud mouthed Piers Morgan tweeted the following

And as he has a nightly show on CNN and closing on 4 million followers he is seen as someone to listen to. The problem is as much as I agree with Piers on gun control and the desperate need for more of it locally and in America I simply can’t believe he is stupid enough to link video games with killings.

Let’s go back to the story. An 8 year old executed his grandmother. I have an 8 year old child and I’ve seen what games are available for them and I can promise you that not a single one of them has violence anywhere near the level of executing a family member.

I can also tell you that at 8 years old they are aware that death is final.

So what game was this kid playing that caused him to do this? According to the reports the reason he did this was because there was a copy of GTA IV in the PS3 in the house. When the police arrived the TV was turned off but the console was still on and they have now decided that he was obviously playing the game before he decided to kill his grandmother.

This all happened in a mobile home park where I can’t imagine they had that many TV’s and the grandmother was shot in the head while watching TV… so do they have 2 TV’s in their mobile home?

Any further leap in logic here and we would be blaming the lizard people.

According to the kid he was simply playing with the gun and it went off, killing his grandmother who everyone has agreed that he had a normal loving relationship with.

So to some this up. This kid is left with his grandmother all day in a mobile home park where they suspect he has been allowed to play an 18 rated game while also having access to a loaded weapon… and games are the problem?

No you bloody morons the problem here is parenting or the blatant lack of it. If my daughter stole my car at 8 and drove into someone I wouldn’t blame the car company for making such a dangerous device.

The child has been released into the care of his useless parents now and won’t be charged with a crime as he is under 10 years old. I wonder if maybe they will think about locking up the loaded weapon this time or if they’ll just ban him from playing console games and rather spend his time outside shooting things instead.


Last Updated: August 26, 2013

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