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92% of gamers wasting money by not trading in games

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I have a massive amount of games in my physical library. I’m not even talking about my digital backlog thanks to Steam and PS+ and Games with Gold. No, these are actual game discs that are aging gracefully in the confines of my drawer and shelf retirement village. And apparently, I’m dumb for keeping them.

According to a PR fluff piece from GameSpot about how many games the average gamer has lying around their home instead of trading them in for cash at GameStop, about two in every five gamers are wasting $200 and up because they aren’t trading in their game discs that they no longer play. The survey goes on to say that the sooner people trade in their games, the more money that they will get and the more new games that they can buy with store credit. It’s obviously a marketing ploy to try and remind people to trade in their games so that GameStop can make more money.

However, it got me thinking about the vast collection of games that I own and might never play again. Why am I holding onto these discs when I’ve only whipped out a handful of these older games in the past few years? Am I just hanging onto a worthless past when I should be trading everything in so that I can spend money on Amiibo and all the other games that I want?

This is what Darryn does all the time, and yet I just can’t bring myself to do it – I want to have those memories of games I loved or hated or felt vaguely ambivalent about. I just can’t part with them, even at the cost of making new memories.

Last Updated: August 19, 2015

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