A game about sexual assault and a Chrono Trigger-esque game

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Melancholy republic

Indie games are generally seen as more inclusive, while at the same time being more exclusive. Unlike AAA games which need to appeal to the masses, indie games can be successful with a small but loyal support base. This means that indie games can be about being an agent at passport control, or being a woman sexually assaulted on a night out.

Freshman Year is an indie game that you can go play in your browser. it’s essentially a choose your own adventure game about going out to a bar/club with friends as a girl and ending up sexually assaulted. Yes, that’s the issue I have with the game. I played it a few times and no matter what choices I made, the character ended up getting assaulted. It’s not really a choose your own adventure game when no matter what you end up with the same outcome. Perhaps it’s an attempt to show the vulnerability of women, but it ends up feeling a bit heavy handed.

Melancholy Republic is also a game starring a woman. But that’s basically where the similarities end. A JRPG-styled game inspired by Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, it certainly could be interesting. Here’s the official description:

Melancholy Republic tells the tale of the ambitious and flawed Claire C. Lockridge. A female politician whose efforts to end the corruption at the heart of her country will forever change her life and the course of history. The story is told across four chapters, each with its own memorable characters and their personal stories. Using a mix of beautiful illustrations and art to tell the a deep, multi-layered tale, speak to hundreds of characters and get lost in the mature, story based adventure of Claire C. Lockridge. Set in the beautiful city state Lorna, uncover the conspiracies and broken souls within.

You can go support them on Kickstarter. If you’re still not convinced, here’s the trailer. It really does remind me of Chrono Trigger, which makes me unspeakably happy. I may just have to support this game now…

Speaking of throwing money at this, it may be almost too late to throw money at this, but I probably will anyway. Papers, Please is up for a Gamer’s Edition, with all the paraphernalia that you could hope for. Most importantly, there are approved and denied stamps, your very own inspector pin and a Glory to Arstotzka poster. What could be better?

The Humble Indie Bundle is back. Support charity and get a bunch of rad indie games in the process. Personally, I already have all the games I’d want from this batch, but if you’re just starting out with your indie game collection, you could do far worse than buying this.

Last Updated: April 2, 2015

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