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A keyboard just for us has been invented

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Here at Lazygamer we aren’t only lazy, we idolise laziness and worship the ground it refuses to walk on. So when I spotted this keyboard over at Kotaku I just had to post it.

The Lazy keyboard comes predefined with 12 common Internet comments as shortcuts where the Function keys should be. No longer do you need to hit 3 keys to type “lol” on your favourite website or IM. All you need to do now is hit the shortcut activation key and then F10, saving you a massive 1 key stroke.

Or even better you can hit the shortcut activation key and F9 to type “L8R”… not the real word “later” else you may lose your coolness factor.

What’s even better is that the standard keys have been layed out in a simple format of A->Z instead of the annoying QWERTY format. Try get a real job now that you can’t type on a QWERTY keyboard anymore…

Now if only you cold remap F1 to be “Stop posting crap you fanboy ass” it would be ideal for any news site you ever visit.

Unfortunately this idiocy is all true and can be viewed through the link below.

Source: Kotaku

*For those who care the QWERTY design was originally chosen to minimise the type bar clashes. To do this they put all the letters we use the most often as far away from each other as possible to ensure the most movement while typing, which means the QWERTY keyboard is the most energy consuming design they could come up with.

There is a common myth that the longest word typable with your left hand on a QWERTY keyboard is ‘afterwards’ however this is untrue. The real answer is ‘tesseradecades’ or ‘aftercataracts’…

The most efficient keyboard layout (for English) is the commonly accepted to be the Dvorak layout.

Last Updated: February 17, 2010

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