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A lingerie football game?

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Nick may have won the battle to review Madden 12 yesterday but he’d have a much bigger fight on his hands if Stephon McMIllen the VP of Business Affairs for the LFL get’s his way.

The LFL is the Lingerie Football League and Stephon is hoping to licence the LFL to a videogame and bring the scantily clad beautiful game to a console, pc or phone near you.

Now who wouldn’t want to see amazingly fit and toned athletes running around in nothing but lingerie…

Actually, me. I’m all for good looking ladies making a living by posing sensually and strongly believe that we shouldn’t limit what a person wants to do simply because certain parts of society feel that people shouldn’t benefit from their looks.

But the LFL just feels dirty, it’s not logical to play a game like American Football in lingerie and it’s blatantly obvious that they are simply cashing in on the huge number of sexually frustrated males in this world.

It may seem like double standards, and sort of feels like it as well, but for some reason this idea just seems like a step to far for me and has moved me out of my comfort zone.

Am I alone in this and would you buy a game based on the Lingerie Football League?

lingerie football league

Source: BusinessInsider

Last Updated: September 13, 2011

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