A look at the Star Wars Battlefront that’ll never be

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Right now DICE, the guys behind Battlefield, are busy making the long-awaited sequel to Star Wars Battlefront. It’s a game that many have been clamouring for for nearly ten years. Though original developer Pandemic was shuttered, there was going to be a Battlefront III from Timesplitters developer Free Radical – but it was cancelled at the eleventh hour. That hasn’t stopped images and footage of the game escaping in to the wild. Here’s some more.

Here’s a look at the Battlefront that’ll never be, courtesy of YouTuber BananaSwag

That doesn’t look too terrible for something that’s in pre-alpha. According to one of Free Radical’s co-founders, the game was 99% complete when LucasArts decided to can the project.

“We had a 99% finished game that just needed bug fixing for release. It should have been our most successful game, but it was cancelled for financial reasons. I’m happy that people did at least get to see what we were working on and share the team’s enthusiasm for it,” said Free Radical’s Steve Ellis.

However, a LucasArts employee later said the claim was nonsense, and that the game was rubbish to begin with.

“This 99 percent complete stuff is just bullsh*t,” the former LucasArts staff member told Gamespot. “A generous estimate would be 75 percent of a mediocre game.”

“We were desperate for a next-gen follow-up to Battlefront (the claim that the project was sabotaged for financial reasons is ludicrous. The franchise was a huge money maker at the time). When Free Radical continually missed dates and deliveries, [LucasArts] made many ‘good will’ whole or partial milestone payments to keep the project going.”

Whatever happened, it all resulted in the game being canned for good. Free Radical was eventually cobbled up by Crytek to become its UK studio – which later ended up with financial difficulties and ended up being effectively shut down this year. It may be all the best for Star Wars fans. Battlefront is conceptually not very different from Battlefield, and DICE may well be the best studio to bring the series back to life.

Last Updated: October 20, 2014

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