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A new Shadow Warrior is apparently in the works

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Guys, Shadow Warrior rocks all kinds of ass. It’s still one of my favourite shooters on the market, uniting that old-school power fantasy of mowing down loads of enemies with some stylish visuals and satisfying swordplay. Seriously, check out the first two games if you want something that plays and sounds a lot like Duke Nukem but without all the needless sexualisation. It has been some time since Shadow Warrior 2 busted down our doors and while it’s still great to play to this day, a new game in the franchise would be…pretty sweet. Fortunately, that seems to be on the cards.

The official Shadow Warrior Twitter released and image that couldn’t be more on the nose with it’s phrasing. “Teaser Trailer filming in progress, quiet please!” reads the sign strung together with bamboo. Now, considering that publisher of the previous two games, Devolver Digital, is planning on hosting its Direct livestream next week, it’s a pretty decent guess to say that this teased trailer will most likely debut then. Or it could be the case that the trailer debuts before the showcase and Devolver shows off the actual game on Saturday. What a bag of magical possibilities!

If you haven’t played the Shadow Warrior games and need some kind of violent release, they’re all on sale now thanks to Steam’s Summer Sale. Quite frankly, there’s never been a better time to slice up some bad guys and release some pent up anxiety.

Last Updated: July 3, 2020

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