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A PlayStation 5 reveal event is rumoured to be taking place on June 3

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With just a few months left to go until the year runs out, Sony’s silence on their next-gen console has been baffling to say the least. Whereas Microsoft’s Xbox Series X has been revealed in a surprisingly transparent fashion with regular updates that have helped chart its path towards release, Sony has been more tight-lipped than a Mafia made man testifying in court.

We already know what’s inside the console, we’ve heard system architect Mark Cerny’s silky-smooth voice inform us of Sony’s goals and we’ve been teased with new solid-state drive hardware that is supposed to be a game-changer for the industry. What we don’t know, is how all of this will combine, what the end result will look like or what we can even expect to play on that system on launch day.

That current status quo might change as early as next week, as reports claim that a PlayStation 5 reveal is finally coming. Former Kotaku heavyweight and now Bloomberg reporter Jason Schrier (alongside Takashi Mochizuki) claims that a PS5 event will be held on June 3, with VentureBeat further corroborating those rumours according to their own sources.

What the event will give fans, is a look at the console and what it’s capable of, but don’t expect more than that. Details on how much the PS5 will cost and its exact release date, will be revealed later in the year as Sony begins the march to the next generation of gaming with events that will roll out in the “coming weeks and months.”

Sony is currently trailing far behind Microsoft, as the home of the Xbox brand has been focused not only on detailing what the Xbox Series X will offer but also a deeper dive into the ecosystem of that console through its primary currency: Next-gen games. We’ve already had one Xbox Series X showcase, more will come on a monthly schedule and July will be the make or break month for the console when Microsoft’s first-party studios reveal the projects they’ve been working on ever since they became members of the Xbox brand.

A Sony event detailing how it plans to oppose its biggest rival in the gaming industry with its own selection of games and unique hardware should see the race to the finish line look a lot more exciting.

Last Updated: May 28, 2020

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