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Community News: A progressive stance on piracy

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[This tip was submitted via our Community News link and instead of turning it into a story I am going to leave it as is to hopefully spark a discussion around this valid point]

Hey Lazygamer,

I found this post on Kotaku, which itself links to the full article, and I thought it would be a great source of debate for the site.

I have not been a pirate for many years, in fact not since I was in my teens. At that time it was out of necessity, for I did not possess the financial means (nor the moral insight for that matter) to satiate my sizable desire for the art that is videogames, in a legitimate manner.

However, those earlier sins sowed invaluable seeds for both myself and the games industry, in that today I am a significant spender and may not have been had it not been for my prolonged exposure at a younger age.

What I’m actually driving at here, is that I believe this article expresses a counter-opinion to the sometimes excessively harsh stance that I believe Lazygamer takes on piracy. I think this article would open up some interesting debate on the topic, in that it offers positive contributions and musings on the topic instead of vilifying either the publishers or the pirates.


Game Developers should love pirates

Last Updated: February 18, 2011

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