The perfect Call of Duty SquadDuring our interview with Mark Rubin, the executive producer of Infinity Ward, the topic of the new female soldiers came up and the reasoning for including them in the next version of Call of Duty and while it wasn’t included before.

Previously the soldiers used in the multiplayer were taken directly from the characters used in the single player which is why you could never customise your characters before. Something which is more interesting however is that the reason for including female soldiers isn’t simply to placate a vocal minority. No in fact according to Mark Rubin

“24% of the Call of Duty fanbase is female.”

Now I always knew that there were many female gamers in the Call of Duty club but I didn’t realise it was that much. So basically one in four Call of Duty gamers is female.

Check out the full interview coming up later today.

Last Updated: September 5, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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