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Aaron Greenberg on Natal – You ain’t seen nothing yet

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Destructoid met up with Aaron Greenberg at CES this past week to chat about all things Xbox 360ish and specifically to find out more about Project Natal.

Unfortunately Aaron didn’t reveal much about Project Natal except to say that we, the general public and games media, have no idea yet about how they are going to use it.

He did state unequivocally that the controller isn’t going away and that there is a good possibility that the controller and Natal will work together in perfect harmony.

I was watching my daughter play Mario the other day and I could see how Natal could be added to the equation, while she was jumping to the right and leaning right Natal could see this motion and give her character an extra little boost, the same way it will for you when you bend right to steer around a corner in Burnout Paradise 2.

The other really important part of Natal that we mustn’t forget is the facial and voice recognition sections which could really add a lot to games like Heavy Rain… except that it’s on the wrong platform.

We are expecting to get some hands on time with Project Natal at E3 this year and until then I think we are all going to be left guessing.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: January 12, 2010

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