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Achievements, Live and Crackdown

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So the biggest three gaming things this week all seem to be related to the Xbox 360… There where a smattering of bad news PS3 stories and one or two little Wii events but generally this was the week for the Xbox 360…

By far the most important thing that happend this week in relation to SA gaming was the Xbox Live South African Petition site that was launched. When I wrote about it on Tuesday it had received 145 signatures and was still unknown really. As off today the site has received 720 signatures and has forced Cindy White, Xbox 360 Group Manager, to issue a statement about it.

Granted she did not say to much that was helpful but at least we know we are being heard… So if you have not signed the petition yet head on over and do so. If you don’t have a gamertag then put in what you would like your gamertag to be and sign the petition.

The next big thing that affected us, and the rest of the xbox 360 planet, this week was the spring/autumn dashboard update that landed on the 9th…

This brought with it a couple of cool tweaks and patches, my absolute favourite update would be the new way that unlocked achievements are displayed. Instead of having to go into the dashboard to see what we got the achievement popup will tell us exactly what it is and how many new points we got.

The next best thing it did was crackdown on the gamer score cheats out there.

And last but not least we received a HUGE Crackdown update this week. Actually today… I am not going to list all the things again but I am really looking forward to the new Harpoon gun…

So that’s me for the week, time to go home for some beers and gaming….

Oh last thing, I moved the “Spread the Word” options to the front page now as well, please use them if you think the posting was good.

Last Updated: May 11, 2007

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