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Acti-Blizz leaves PC Gaming Alliance. PC Gaming in Trouble?

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Last year, a group of hardware makers and software creators got together to form the PC Gaming Alliance – A group that would serve as the X-Men of PC gaming, saving it from it’s impending doom.

This year, PC gaming’s been dealt a blow to the skull, with Activision-Blizzard – The worlds largest gaming publisher calling it quits. Their reason? No munnies, apparently. According to the PCGA, “a few members have decided they cannot justify the budget (membership and staff) required to maintain an active role in the PC Gaming Alliance at this time.”

Whilst it’s definitely a blow to the alliance (which still has active members in Microsoft, Capcom, Epic, Sony, Intel, AMD & NVidia), does this really bode ill for the future of PC gaming?

Is there enough life in PC gaming’s blood to sustain anything more than gargantuan MMO’s and casual web-based flash games?

Let us know your thoughts on the future of the PC as a gaming platform in the comments.

Source : Eurogamer

Last Updated: April 15, 2009


  1. Q121

    April 15, 2009 at 15:25

    There will always be PC gaming….

    But I honestly believe that in the future it will all be rolled into one big ball…. Future Consoles will allow you to do PC things and cross platform gaming will appear.



  2. V@mp

    April 15, 2009 at 18:11

    Try as they may,try as they might…..
    Every year someone proclaims the death of PC gaming
    and although we may be getting the sh*t end of the stick
    from developers,we are STILL here…and loving every
    moment of it 😎


  3. Scotty777

    April 15, 2009 at 18:19

    hmmm… as soon as the next COD is released the pc sales will jump through the roof and fall again ha ha


  4. Worm

    April 16, 2009 at 06:29

    That is so true…personally I think its the hardcore FPS & MMO fans that is keeping PC gaming alive. If Microsoft or Sony actually think about it, they can make a lot of money by giving their FPS’ full keyboard and mouse support. That, I’m sure, will be the end of PC gaming.


  5. WitWolfyZA

    April 16, 2009 at 08:27

    Well Pc gaming isnt what it use to be… the insane requirements to play games now just leave most us wondering… jeez … Guess ill be playing fifa 2000 again.

    But one thing doesnt make sense in this article.. Isnt Star Craft 2 suspose to release on the PC, and if so how can Acti-blizzard release it , when they with drew from the PC gamers then?


    • James

      November 30, 2009 at 12:40

      You aren’t required to be part of the PCGA just to release games for the PC.


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