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Activision admits it pissed a lot of people off with Call of Duty Elite

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Call of Duty’s premium, paid-for Elite service was meant to be more than just a way for Activision to further monetise their prolific annual shooter. It was intended to increase the games’ value – by using stats, videos and other tools to improve player skill levels – and was supposed to launch alongside Modern Warfare 3 last year, fully functional.

Instead, it was a little half-arsed – Falling over on launch, and taking over a month to get back up and running. Now, 6 months later, still doesn’t quite offer global support, and the PC version’s yet to materialise. Beachhead Games, responsible for Elite has admitted that the service has yet to prove itself.

“We still have to prove ourselves,” Activision’s Noah Heller told MCV. “There’s a lot of people we pissed off all the way back to November, and we have to show them we are not going to let that happen again. But we have started fulfilling our promises and people are starting to get it is real value for money.”

Mostly, people have found value in elite purely for the fact that subscription includes Modern Warfare 3’s DLC – not that we’d know, here in South Africa.

Last Updated: April 26, 2012

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