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Activision confirms the blatantly obvious

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I will tell you no lies, Geoff and my Internet has gone down this morning and so we are scrambling like crazy to find stories over the phones to post.. and this is a nice easy one.

During an investor call yesterday Activision confirmed that it is indeed going to publish a new Call of Duty this year after it’s last few all made over a billion dollars.

If anyone thought they weren’t going to then I want some of whatever they’re smoking as this is the most obvious story of the year.

They haven’t yet announced what the game will be called but I’d be quite happy to bet a couple of beers on it being Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

The big question really is whether it will still be set in modern times or if we’re ready to head into the depth of World War 2 again. Personally I’d like to see something a little more original come out like a FPS set in the Korean War or the recent Libyan uprising.

How about we throw all pretences away and just make a game where we get to run around killing all the dictators like Mugabe, Chavez and anyone slightly Italian..

Now you can tell me how you’re not going to buy this game and that [insert game here] is far better but I’ll happily bank my house on this Call of Duty also breaking the billion mark before Christmas.

Last Updated: February 10, 2012

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