Activision Enlists Third Developer for Call of Duty

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Not content with just having two development houses – Infinity Ward and Treyarch – on call to churn out Call of Duty games, Activision have apparently signed up a third developer for the rapidly-approaching-critical-mass franchise.

There’s no word on who the developer may be, although fingers are currently pointing at Sledgehammer Games, a new Activision-owned studio comprised of former Visceral Games heads, and leaders of the Dead Space development team.

One the one hand, a third studio could help increase each respective studio’s development time on each game, leading to more polished games; alternatively Activision could keep the cycles the same length, and just churn out more games, possible leading to the same stale aura that now surround the Guitar Hero franchise. That’s if the new studio will be slipping in to development cycle that currently alternates between Infinity Ward and Treyarch, of course.

There’s a pretty good chance they’ve been contracted to develop something new – Like a monetised Call of Duty MMO. Milking the Call of Duty franchise? Activision? Udderly ridiculous!

Source : LA Times

Last Updated: November 19, 2009

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