Activision registers Call of Duty China domains

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It’s common practice for developers and publishers to register Internet domains for their upcoming titles to ensure that no one decides to squat on them and extort the developers but at the same time they don’t want to register them to early and give away the storyline for their next game.

We already know that the upcoming Black Ops 2 has something to do with China and a new cold war in 2025 so the fact that Activision reserved and isn’t really a surprise.

But they also registered which could be an indication that their two differing Call of Duty lines may in fact be merging again when Modern Warfare 4 comes out next year.

Along with these 3 domains they also registered a pile of others which are apparently English names for Chinese phrases which you can check out here.

I like the idea of the two story lines merging but then continuing on their own trajectories, it makes it feel like we’re all living in a larger gaming universe that exists around us.

What do you think?

Last Updated: June 28, 2012

Gavin Mannion

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